How to Buy a Used Car Like a Dealer

How to Buy a Used Car Like a Dealer

In our quest to navigate the labyrinth of new car sales, we’ve stumbled upon a convenient guide for buying a car: Dealers.

Well, not exactly. But they’re an important part of the sales chain, and when you’re thinking about buying a new car, it might be helpful to know how they do business.

Here’s what you need to know about what it’s like to buy a car from a dealer, custom jeeps for sale in fullerton based on a review of 14 used car dealerships in the state of Georgia. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will serve as a starting point for your own research.

Let’s start with the basics: What is a dealership?

According to Wikipedia, a dealership is a “distributor” or “retailer” of a particular brand or type of vehicle.

In a very broad sense, this can include a number of different types of car retailers, from a 5-minute-used-car-sales shop to a brand-new superstore. In any case, they’re all operating under the same basic business model: Sell the car for the same price as a new car, and earn a commission on each sale.

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Dealers typically buy used cars from manufacturers, then drive them around to lots, where customers can test drive them.

They might even offer financing or extended warranties as add-ons, and at a certain point they’ll sell the car to an end-user.

Since dealers have the cars, they’ll also have the information about the car, from the sticker price to service history.

What do dealers sell?

A key difference between a dealer and other sellers, however, is that they sell the cars and take the risk of the sales price. They can’t make up the sales price based on the market value of the vehicle, custom jeeps for sale in fullerton and they can’t alter the price of the car before they’re obligated to sell it.

For this reason, the dealer will usually negotiate with you to get a better price on the car, and usually offer their best price to the first customer who walks in the door.

Sure, but how often do you see cars advertised at $5,000? Probably never. Dealerships are about making a profit  they want to make a sale at the highest possible price.