Bar jobs: Work in the bar and get transferable skills

Have you ever worked in the bar during fun time of life? Suppose you wish to work for flexible hours, make new friends as well as ability to open bottle without taking somebody’s (or own) eye out, it is one best job. You can spend a little time sitting on floor in store room crying & most of time crouching over the floor eating the bar snacks. Here is how to survive and make a start with 밤알바.

How to get this job

Bar industry is the sexist industry that means , unfortunately, if you are female and do not turn up wearing the large banana costume you will be much likely to get this position. Apart from this, it comes down to the personality & ability to communicate in the most friendly as well as approachable way – and no, you do not need to be Smooth or Bubbly but you have got to show you are the nice dude who will be good in chatting to the drunk man who props up a bar each night.

Night Job

Put customer service experience. From the retail to the waitressing or call centres to the charity work. Anything that comes you have had the position involving general public can stand you in the good stead, let us face it, anybody will be taught to pour the basic pint.

Say you like alcohol. Not in that way, but in “I am a huge fan” way. You can obviously check out what things they stock before you proclaim you like cask ale as some bars do not serve cask ale. You need to tailor your preferences in that way.

Stay chatty. Like in, do not be nervous or silent and do not overdo by shouting or jumping up on a table – no one’s looking for loudest person in a room, they are looking for somebody who would be very nice to be stuck with at the party. Suppose you feel highly stuck, you can ask them the questions about bar, how long they have worked there, more about what clientele are like.

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