Factors That Describing The Uniqueness Of The Nation

Factors That Describing The Uniqueness Of The Nation

Everyone should wish to pursue a unique style for them; though they are having a lovely bond with their friends also they must have a special taste and manner for them. Similarly, the countries in the world have a friendly bond with the other nations also they must express their individuality in an amazing and enlightening way. Among the different factors, a flag is an essential factor that represents the honor of the nation. The economic and political status of the nation may change but the flag of the country never changes because it holds the great value of the nation. The national flag is not a cloth it a symbol of the freedom, pride, and self-governance rule. Likewise, the South Korea Flag also having a unique meaning which describes the history of the nation and gratefulness for the leaders who struggled for culture, peace, unity, and more.

South Korea has overcome more difficulties and enhanced as a developed country among more nations in the world. The national flag of South Korea is named Taegukgi which is adopted on 30th May of 2011. The Korean flag was designed by the political leader Park Yeong-Hyo. Each factor in the national flag describes the specialty of the nation. The major part of the South Korea Flag is the white color, which is the traditional color of Korea. The traditional dress of Korea which is known as Hanbok is also white color.

the information’s about the flag colors there are more interesting factors and historical facts are hiding in it.

The white color also symbolizes the peace and purity of the nation and the Korean people. In the middle of the flag, a yin-yang philosophy is described in the symbol of a circle. The red and blue colors represent the positive and negative cosmic force and then the separation between the red and blue shade symbolizes the balance of the universe.

Next to the color and yin-yang philosophy circle, the four trigrams in the four corners of the flag represent the four different elements, directions, season, relationship, and more factors within it. The four trigrams are Geon, Ri, Gam, and Gon. A single trigram Geon is a symbol of heaven, spring, sky, east, father, humanity, and justice. Similarly, each trigram consists of seven kinds of important symbols within it. Also, each factor having more wonderful truths, so through understanding the hidden facts in the color and symbols of the flag the citizen people of that nation could be a superb citizen.

The national flag portrays the specialty of the country to the other nation. The pride and patriotism will be considered as an important whenever the citizens notice their national flag. While observing the history of their national flag they could understand the struggles and sacrifice of the national leaders for the freedom and development of the country.