Simple Tips for Properly Vacuuming Your Stairs

Simple Tips for Properly Vacuuming Your Stairs

Keeping the house clean is a challenge especially when you are tackling the stairs. The stairs include components like balusters, skirt boards, nosing, and tread. These can get in the way of cleaning because of the corners, edges and the crevices where dust, dirt, hair and other debris can get stuck easily.It is time that you know how to clean the stairs correctly. Here are some proper ways to vacuum your stairs:

Remove large items

Before commencing, it is important that you remove large items out of the vacuum’s way. If you want to maximise the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner, you should ensure that it only picks up what it is supposed to pick up. If you let larger items get sucked by the vacuum, it can lead to clogging. Winix Reviews

Choose the right floor tool

While you can utilise your upright vacuum, it can still be inefficient and heavy because it is not optimised for portability. Your goal here is to find a cleaner that can get into hard-to-reach areas. You should consider the following buying guide:
• Determine the weight and size you are comfortable with: if you do not want to drag your bulky vacuum cleaner, you should look for a lightweight model. The weight will depend on your comfort level but in general, a vacuum cleaner less than ten pounds is a safe bet. Aside from the weight, you should also determine the measurements of the vacuum. How long wide and deep should it be? At the end of the day, it is better to consider a compact vacuum cleaner.
• Assess the features: There are vacuum cleaners that feature telescopic wand. This will allow you to clean more steps without moving much. This can ultimately help you save time. Aside from this feature, you should also consider if the vacuum is a bagless model and determine the dust cup capacity. You should opt for a bigger cup so you do not empty it frequently. Finally, look for a longer cord.
• Examine its usability: for your stairs, you need more than one attachment tool to get the job done. With this, it is important that you find a multi-tool vacuum that can attach more than one tool. While you are at it, ensure that you check how the attachment connects and detaches from the cleaner.
• Think about the price: the price will depend on the features of the vacuum cleaner. At the onset, you should establish your budget so you do not exceed it.

Change your direction

To cover every inch of your staircase, you need to move your vacuum head in every direction. You should run it both horizontally and vertically along every step to ensure that you do not miss a thing. This multi-directional movement can help agitate the dirt out of the stairs.

Use further protection

It is normal for your staircase to see a lot of action. With this, you need to consider a treatment to protect it against stains. If you have treated carpet stairs, you should use further protection by keeping a spray treatment present. Once in a while, you can consider professional carpet cleaners.

Carpeted stairs prove to be more challenging than any other type of flooring. However, it should not keep you from having it or cleaning it. You can always consider