Where ToGet Orthodontic Surgery Fleming Island FL?

Where ToGet Orthodontic Surgery Fleming Island FL?

Orthodontic Surgery is an orthodontic treatment that is used to fix critical cases that involve jaw bone abnormalities, malocclusion, and bad bites. Maxillofacial and oral surgery is a recognized dental practice out of nine. The surgery focuses on treating complicated craniofacial issues that include the skull, the face, the mouth, and the jaw. If you require orthodontic surgery, your orthodontist will work alongside a maxillofacial and oral surgeon to make sure that you get the best care as likely.

If you are someone who is looking for orthodontic surgery Fleming Island FL, then there is someone we would like to suggest.


Dr, Andrew Brown, is your best shot if you need surgery and you are on Fleming Island. You can visit his official website for contact details. You can even go through the patients’ reviews if you feel unsure. You even check about the staff and the patient privacy policy on his official website.

How will one know if they need orthodontic surgery or not?

Your orthodontist will guide you in this situation. Surgery is not always required. It will depend on how severe is your case or the alignment of the jaw.

How does this surgery work?

A maxillofacial and oral surgeon will do the orthodontic surgery.The surgery can take hours, mostly depends on the patient’s condition. After a successful surgery, you will get about two weeks as a rest period. It is suggested that before you go ahead for the surgery arrange your schedule with your work or school. You have to stay away from work or school during your healing time. Your orthodontist will fine-tune your bite once again after your jaw has healed and then you will be required to wear braces. The braces are generally removed after 6-12 months of the surgery. The next step is wearing a retainer to maintain your brand-new smile.

What are the benefits of having orthodontic surgery?

In most cases, it has been seen that the patient wanting this surgery are not happy with their smile. They do the surgery to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile that will last forever. Orthodontic surgery fleming island fl will help you gain back your confidence after achieving a beautiful smile or a corrected bad bite, jaw abnormality or malocclusion.

Take your chance, do not worry and go talk to your orthodontist for the beautiful and healthy smile you truly deserve.