Factors to Consider Before Buying CBD Oils

Factors to Consider Before Buying CBD Oils

Cannabis laws are becoming more relaxed in many countries with its legalisation approved or underway. With this, the medicinal cannabis industry is exploding. It is a good thing that there are more products to choose from but it does not necessarily make choosing a lot easier.

Before you buy CBD (Cannabidiol) oils, you should understand that not all are created equal. This means that the quality and purity vary from one manufacturer to another. To help you get started, here are some factors you need to consider before buying CBD oil products:

CBD oil origin

CBD oil is extracted from hemp or cannabis plants, which belong to the same species of cannabis sativa. You have to know that shadier CBD oil manufacturers use non-food-grade hemp grown under questionable or non-organic conditions. This is not good because hemp plants absorb contaminants like lead, chemicals and many more, which will end up in your CBD oil.

Your best bet is to choose from trusted CBD oil manufacturers that source it from organic and non-psychoactive hemp. A reputable manufacturer will mention where their CBD is sourced from this way you will know the highest quality harvest.

Types of CBD oils

There are two main types of CBD oils – isolates and full-spectrum oils. Isolates are also called crystals, which is considered near-pure CBD oil. Full-spectrum oils contain other active compounds like CBN, CBL, and terpenes. In the past, isolates are the standard for non-psychoactive cannabis therapy. However, many research revealed that full-spectrum provide many additional benefits, which are not seen in isolates.

CBD oil manufacturers

Choosing the type of CBD oil is up to you. Whether you prefer CBD oil from isolate or full-spectrum, they both offer benefits. However, you have to know that the industry darling is full-spectrum. When you go buy, the manufacturers usually state the type of products they offer on their product page. You can also discover this info here.

The concentration of CBD oils

CBD oil products can come in different forms but the most popular products include capsule and dropper bottles. Regardless of the form, they come in different concentrations. The concentration is usually found on the packaging. Some list concentration in milligram while others list it in percentage.

Method of delivery

The next thing that you need to consider is the method of delivery. Most CBD oils are available in dropper bottle form, which allows for sublingual delivery. Sublingual delivery means putting the CBD oil directly under the tongue.

This is by far the most efficient route of delivery. If you take capsules, it is discreet and controlled that can be administered with ease. There are some that inhale CBD oils through vaporisers. It is crucial that you conduct some research on the different methods of intake so you can figure one the route that works best for your needs.


As with anything, the cost is a big factor when deciding the right CBD oil product. If you choose highly concentrated products, it can be more expensive but they offer great value. Once you have established your dose, you should see if switching to higher concentration would save you more money down the line.